Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ICBW: 2010 Status

Last year, Indy Comic Book Week took the community by Twitter and we really showed what the independent community can do. It was very successful and we are very proud of the stand we took as a community.

Many of you have asked if we are planning on holding ICBW again this year. Unfortunately we will not be able to. There are a lot of reasons for this, but they all tend to fall under permutations of one: last year, all of us were either full time freelancers or unemployed otherwise, and had an abundance of free time to spend on the maintenance of the site, blog and publicity. This year is, sadly, another story. Currently the entire team are slaving away at day jobs and we simply don't have the man hours to pull the event off right now. What we are trying to do, and at this point we can only say we're doing our best, is to turn the old website into a resource hub for Indy creators. The blog is currently frozen, with all old posts preserved, but no one currently has access to it to update things. 

Hopefully we'll be able to put the event on again some other time, but right now it would simply take more resources than we have. We encourage you to speak with your local comic shop about showcasing your local comic community. Do not let this year's absence of ICBW hinder you in putting your own comic forward for the world to see. We are independent, go out and be heard.

Good luck, and keep fighting the good fight. If you have any questions or want to pick our brains about something, don't hesitate to email. You will hear from us again.


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