Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dead Man Holiday ionizes Indy Comic Book Week!

Dead Man Holiday, a new haunted science-fiction ongoing comic book series, will be releasing it's third issue in cooperation with Indy Comic Book Week. The first two issues are available for FREE DOWNLOAD at

Dead Man Holiday tells the story of a low-rent security guard who patrols Little Atlantis, a flooded neighborhood with some strange creatures lurking within it. It has received positive reviews from Kleefeld on Comics, Ain't It Cool News and The Comics Reporter.

Each issue is 35 pages of atmospheric, hand painted black and white artwork. Preview pages of the third issue will be made available soon.

To keep up to date with Dead Man Holiday become a fan on Facebook or read the blog.

ICBW is going to be awesome!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Save Senryu Fundraiser

So, due to some extenuating circumstance I'm goign to have some trouble getting Senryu to print in time for Indy Comic Book Week. So I've started a fundraiser to try and secure funds for printing/shipping costs.

Details and info on how to help can be found on my blog. (there's another preview page in it for you!)

Please spread the word, retweet and help out if you can!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Turbulence Update!

Hello everyone,

I'm happy to announce that Turbulence is just about on it's way to the printer! With only 2 pages left to be colored (should be done before the end of October) It's looking like we will meet our deadline with more than enough time to spare!

I wanted to give you guys a look at the cover so you will know what to pick up on the comic stand! The cover price is 3.99 . We hope to get this into all of the comic shops involved with indy comic book day, as well as have online orders for everybody else available!

Also, here is a sneak peak at issue 2, for the first time online I present to you what very well could one of the coolest villains ever...


More on Six-shooter and issue 2 to come your way soon. It's going great, production is working amazingly well . So be sure to keep your eyes open for Issue 1, and issue 2 soon to follow!

Progress for Indy Comic Week - I have spoken with most of the Austin Area comic shops about joining up, so hopefully we will hear back from them soon!

For more on Turbulence check out -
To contact me, e-mail :

They Told Him To "Act His Age"...

if you've ever found yourself sitting around with a burning desire to read a comic about a little kid who carries a revolver (who hasn't?!), then you are in luck, my friend! because i'm putting chapter 1 of Manchild: Birthday Boy in my ICBW book, Spontaneous 2009. Manchild has it all: mad scientists, government black ops, super-powered counter-assassins, warrior concubines, man-hunting cyborgs, and the illest gun-clapping toddler the world has ever known! if you like Manchild, there will be more in 2010, so there'll be something to live for in the new year! get more info at, or stay tuned here for more IndyComicBookWeek sneakage!

ICBW at Comic Related

Comic Related put together a nice interview with us on their podcast this week. Check it out and give them some love.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Omnitarium #1 Cover Preview

Still some work to do, but here's a preview of the cover for Omnitarium issue one - art by J.C. Grande.

The book is almost complete, with the final lettering being done as I type - all looking good for the deadline!

More Senryu pages.

So while I'm in between freelance projects I'm hitting the Senryu pages hard and fast, vowing to do a page a day until it's finished and ready to print.

Here is last Friday's double-page spread, entitled Heliopolis.

To see it and more be sure to look for Senryu in participating comic shops December 30th.

Few More pages from PARADISE ROAD

Hello again.
I was just thinking I would put up some more pages here online.
Aside from having one of the most fun times illustrating this comic, I am very much looking forward to seeing this it in print and on the shelves of comic book stores by the end of the year.
Please feel free to follow my rants, reviews, or if you just want to comment on any thing you see I post either here or on my blog, feel free to so so.

Thank you for your support.
PARADISE ROAD in stores soon.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Macabro Pages

Hello, Jose here with more pages from Macabro. This project is quite the challenge. It's the first time I'm inking with a bruch and drawing only in blue pencils. I'm applying new tips I've learned in the past month, as well.

Hope you dig.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hermit Hill the Comic Strip

This weekend I completed putting together my book, Hermit Hill the Comic Strip, and here is the finished cover. The comic book is a collection of my ongoing comic strip, Hermit Hill. It features all brand new, never before printed strips! Fresh content just for Indy Comic Book Week. The finished files were sent off to the printer today (the awesome Ka-Blam!), so I'll get the printed books in plenty of time to ship them out to retailers.

Hermit Hill the Comic Strip book is a one shot, promotional project. It is written and drawn by me, indy cartoonist Nate Bramble. The book is a 20 page, standard sized comic with a full color cover, black and white interiors, with a cover price of $2.00.

If you are a retailer interested in stocking this book as part of ICBW please contact me via email, nate(at)hermithillcomic(dot)com, and be sure to check out my web site,, for more information about my comic strip!

Friday, October 23, 2009

ICBW: Essentials for Creators about Retailers

With the deadline for getting books done for ICBW coming over the horizon, it is time to think about the next phase for creators: getting your books into the actual retail stores. Comic creation is widely talked about in the industry through books and web, though not a lot of ink has been used to tell you how to actually get retailers to pick up your books. After talking with retailers, they've given a few pointers on how to get shops interested in your book.

To begin with, there are a few methods in which they will get the books from you. These generally fall under two categories: consignment and direct wholesale. Each store will handle it differently so you will have to contact them and ask. DO NOT try and haggle with them; understand that they are a business and they too have bills to pay.
  • Consignment is a back-end payment method; the store will agree to carry your book initially. They will keep track of sales and after a predetermined set of time, you come in for your share of the sales. Some stores will agree to keep on your books indefinitely, some will give back unsold books.
  • Direct wholesale is a front-end payment method; the stores will buy your book from you directly at a retailer discount. The typical wholesale discount is 50% of cover price, this is how stores make their money. Though 50% is the rule of thumb, some stores will agree to a lower discount. However, the smaller the discount, the smaller the order and less likely they'll even carry your book. Example, at a 50% discount, a store may buy 5 books from you, a 40% may mean 3 books, etc. So in the end, direct wholesale is where the retailer is taking the financial risk; and consignment is where the creator is taking a financial risk.
You must also ask the retailer when they will be needing your books to get them ready for ICBW. Some stores can have them in by Monday and be ready for the event on Wednesday. Some stores are part of chains and will need a ten day head start to process your book at their main branch before shipping them out to their satellite stores.

As for your book itself, there are some things you have to consider when looking at it from a retailer standpoint.
  • Cover Price: The ceiling for you book's cover price really should be what the mainstream books are charging for their standard monthlies. So a standard 24-page issue should be priced at about $3. Which means if you are getting your books through print-on-demand, more than likely a $1.50 wholesale price will be lower than your actual print cost. This is something you will have to decide: whether you are out to make as much money as you can, or are you out to get your name into the market. And please put the cover price on the cover whether by printing in directly on there or a sticker.
  • Size: The shelves at the stores are typically made to carry books at a standard comic size (6.75"x10.25"), though various printers will vary from that slightly. This means a mini-comic may get lost in the shuffle and an over-sized book will be cumbersome. Not to deter anyone from doing a mini-comic, just something to be aware of.
  • Mature Content: If your book has anything that could be considered mature content, you will need to inform the retailer about it and label the cover accordingly. Check out the MPAA Guidelines, Marvel's rating and the TV Parental Guidelines as a reference point. Do not try and sneak it past the retailer; that is an extreme break in trust and they will probably never do business with you again.
  • Color vs. Black & White: This again will vary from store to store. Color comics tends to be more appealing to the general audience than black/white. However, it can be more expensive to print, especially with a print-on-demand printer. It's your call, but something to keep in mind.
A lot of creators have asked about working with Ka-Blam and their ComicsMonkey distribution business. There has been a lot of talk right now, and we are in direct contact with them. However, it is not up right this moment; so to be the smart creator, you can not put all your eggs in one basket. To guarantee that your book will be in a store, you will need to start talking with that store directly. We have all the information you need on the website. A few ICBW creators are planning to do both: talk to a few select retail shops directly to work out a deal; and also put up their books on ComicsMonkey when it is up and running. This is honestly the smart thing to do and will put the fate of your book in your hands, not someone else's.

If you already have a stock of books ready to be shipped, please contact Haven Distribution about carrying your books in their catalog. They are an independent friendly distributor and have expressed interest in helping with ICBW. Their guidelines can be found on their website.

Indy Comic Book Week is about the comics from creators to retailers to the fans. For it to be a success, we all need to be aware of what each part of it does and needs. By working together, we will show the industry how strong indy books can be.

Paradise Road

A quick preview here of an upcoming independently published comic I am promoting that will be hitting the comic book shelves very soon this year. "Paradise Road" is the title.

ICBW: Retailer Update 05

A few more shops in attendance for Indy Comic Book Week.
I've lost count. But we've got a LOT of shops now.

This is the Life

Hey Everybody,

Adam Wilson from Twofold Comics here to give you a little sneak peek at one of the projects we've got lined up for Indy Comic Book Week.

The Fold has a brand new series, Life (With Friends), and issue 1 will be available for order just in time to grace the shelves of your local comic book shop on Indy Comic Book Week.

It's written by yours truly with artwork by the amazing Mike Kay and this great cover by Adam Masterman. It'll be available for shops to order through Comics Monkey very soon, so be sure to check back often cause we'll be keeping you updated as to when and how you can order your copies.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

ICBW News: Indy Comic Book Week on Deviantart

Hey all, we got a news article on DA! Pretty swanky. Keep spreading the word.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ICBW: Retailer Update 04

Sorry for the late post everyone. Last week was murder. Alright, in no particular order the new shops added to the list are:
So, all told that's 26 shops in 9 States! Hellafied!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Are you a daydreamer?

In between designing/updating the website I'm also working on a couple of Indy Comic Book Week projects myself. Below is my contribution to David Hopkins' ICBW project One Night Stand. It's called "Daydreamer".

You can see it, as well as 31 other one-page shorts focusing on intimacy, relationships and casual encounters in participating comic shops December 30th.

Enjoy. ;)

Turbulence Issue 1 Update

Hello everyone,

My name is Chris Garrett, I'm from Austin TX and I love comic books. I've been working on my comic Turbulence for a little over a year now and I'm really excited to say that issue 1 will be coming on December 30th in honor of Indy Comic Book Week.

Issue 1 comes in at 29 pages, (Issue 2 is getting closer to release as well, and rings in at 32 pages!)

Ok I've ranted enough, time for an awesome picture.

That's just one page of the comic. That's not even the cover. (But some people love it so much I'm thinking of doing a limited release 2nd cover) How sweet is that picture?

So here's the run down of what the comic is about:
Super powers are not granted through freak accidents or genetic defects. They are granted by a force known only as 'Efflux' which finds people (regardless of good and evil) that are dedicated to...well....anything.

Let's say, for example, your a tattoo artist who is obsessed with tattoo's. He might gain the ability to turn his hand into a tattoo gun, and as soon as you could scribble a bomb on a piece of paper, he could tattoo a bomb onto somebody, throw them into a wall and BOOM!

The story follows our hero Turbulence, he has had the powers since he was a kid (but didn't realize it) and has finally decided to join the leagues of super heroes...only issue is everybody seems to be a part of a team that beats him to the punch. (Get it...because you punch bad guys...)

But Gravnos, the leader of a local super team might have an eye for Turbulence joining....there's just one issue- and it involves a lady (doesn't it always?)

So if you want to find out what's going on, and I hope you do, head over to our website that has a much better domain name on the way soon!

Thank you very much and it's an honor to be a part of Indy Comic Book Week!

-Chris Garrett

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yet Another Pin Up

Hi all, as the team Omnitarium work towards our deadlines (we're thinking to have all orders for prints in by middle of November, which should give us the time to get copies to us and out to stores by the December 20th date being mentioned by some), a couple of things to mention:

Firstly an email address for all queries, comments and other communications regarding the book has been set up with gmail, prefixed by omnitarium, it's a email address. Please feel free to write!

Secondly, as I await the final four pages, ready to send for lettering, here's another pin up:

This one is by the immensely talented Nate Snareser, and shows a character that will not be showing up in the book until issue two, the master thief and escape artist, Lucius Allain (also, Moonheart's first name is Harrow, not Lucius, in case you were wondering if we had a fixation on that name here!).

Finally, if any stores are interested in getting previews of the book before ordering, please contact me at the email address as noted in the body of this post (omnitarium [at]


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Promotionals: Zazzle Store

Go check out the ICBW Zazzle Store for some cool merch like shirts and hoodies. Also on there are some stickers that creators/retailers can put on books to help promote the event. Zazzle is pretty sweet in that you can customize nearly every product offered. The apparel has about 50 different options and a few of the promotional items also come in different sizes. For retailers, here's a link for bulk discounts if you are interested. I also added a Zazzle widget to the side bar. The royalties are set to the lowest percent (10%) so we make like a buck per shirt, and about 30 cents for stickers. Any proceeds will go to website maintenance and help the ICBW team with their books. Logo design by Paul Milligan.

Promotionals: Poster

[You can find the hi-resolution version
of this on the Resource page.]

Here's a new 11x17 poster the ICBW Team created. This is a message to indy creators about the event and to get their books into stores. Great item to post in retail shops, art stores, and schools. Should be ready to rock and roll on any printer that will print tabloid.

ICBW: Website Updates (Retailers)

Just updated the Indy Comic Book Week website.

We're up to 11 shops representing over 20 stores in 6 states!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Press release for One Night Stand and sneak preview


Comic book retailers in North America have a long committed relationship with Diamond Distributors. They're a cute couple. However, since Diamond will not be shipping any new comics during the week of December 30th, David Hopkins is offering a ONE NIGHT STAND. No strings attached.

Written by David Hopkins, ONE NIGHT STAND is a series of one-page vignettes, a collaboration with 32 artists -- including Ryan Dunlavey (Action Philosophers), Christopher Higginson (Ghouly Boys), Sina Grace (Books with Pictures), Mark Murphy (Tiki Joe Mysteries), and Daniel Warner (Cocopiazo). All the stories center around a theme of casual sex and brief intimate encounters.

"The instant I heard about this project I wanted to be a part of it," says Ryan Dunlavey. "David is one of the most outspoken advocates for indie comics -- and a great writer to boot -- so I knew if he was putting it together I'd be foolish not to get involved."

The goal is to distribute free copies of ONE NIGHT STAND to indie-friendly retailers across North America. The stores can then sell those copies to customers looking for something new on December 30th.

"I realize mini-comics are not the easiest books for a retailer to move, but it'd be nice for an independent comic to steal the spotlight for at least one day," says David Hopkins. "I'm not trying to turn a profit. It's my slutty way of saying thank you to retailers who sell independent self-made comics throughout the year."

Preview page by Nate Bramble, creator of the webcomic Hermit Hill

Funding came through Kickstarter, a pledge-drive website used to support ideas and endeavors. After only three days, Hopkins was able to raise $500 for basic shipping and printing needs. The project site also allows people to pre-order the mini-comic.

ONE NIGHT STAND is part of an initiative by A retailer does not have to join ICBW to receive ONE NIGHT STAND, but obviously their participation is appreciated.

"It would be great if stores encouraged their local talent to put something together for December 30th," Hopkins says. "End of the year, the economy has been crappy; indie comics seem like the most appropriate way to celebrate."



Dusk and ICBW

Despite all my high minded talk in the last post, I am conniving and pragmatic. I'm currently writing and publishing a series of graphic novels called Dusk. In order to help promote Dusk, I made (with the help an artist, inker and letterer) a 36 page B&W one shot. Actually it's the first chapter of the 2nd volume (which will be out in 2010) and it was my artist's idea to release this chapter as a stand alone, but at least it was my idea to release the one-shot as part of Indy Comic Book Week.

Anyways, enough of my rambling, here's more about Dusk:

Dusk Special One-Shot

"Eve's life is a living hell of her own choosing. She struggles to survive in a dark world of magic and horror, all in an attempt to please her vampire master. Now Eve has crossed a line and and innocents have been harmed. This hasn't gone unnoticed by a well meaning cabal of occultist that's mandate is to police the occult world. What will happen when these two forces clash? Is there ever a "winner" in the supernatural underworld of Dusk?"

36 Pages
B&W Interior Pages

See more on the Dusk at:
Dusk Vol 1 - Currently Out
Dusk Vol 2- Coming Jan. 2010

Thank you for your time,
David Doub
Dusk Comics

A Call to Arms!

I have to say that Indy Comic Book Week fits in well with my current philosophy of comics. When the news broke about Disney buying Marvel and then Warner restructuring DC, my first thought wasn't what was going to happen to say Batman or the Avengers. My thought is what can the rest of comics do with this news. To me it's a sign, that the top of comics is starting to calcify and become too corporate. That this is a time for the rest of comics to make more strides to promote itself and it's creativity because the top of comics are going to become too concerned with the bottom line.

When I talk to young aspiring creators at comic shows, they typically say the same thing "I'd like to build my name for myself in the Indy Comics and then work for Marvel and DC." And I think they're not seeing the bigger picture. Yes, characters like the X-Men or Sgt. Rock provoke an emotional response in people which in turn makes them attached to these characters. But the characters didn't make them "feel" anything. Those characters can't because they're not real. It's the creators behind the characters that make you "feel" because the creators are people too and they're taking a part of themselves and putting it on to the page. That's why fictional characters can make you "feel" is because the creator's "blood" is on the page. It's just like when an actor states they put a part of themselves in the role, comic creators are putting a part of themselves in the story, in the character on the page. And that's why these young aspiring creators are missing the point. They should make their own stories and find their own way to bleed onto the page. They shouldn't try to recapture the past on what other creators have already done with a corporate owned brand. They should be free to express themselves and a corporation isn't the sort of place that's going to allow for proper risk for a young aspiring creator to find his voice and style. Indy comics is the only way to way in this industry to be allowed to chance to express yourself.

That's why I think Indy Comic Book Week is a great thing. It's a chance to show people what's really out there in comics. It's not all event comics and alternate covers. There are such array of stories from the heartbreaking to the utter bizarre, that you're only cheating yourself for not trying just a few of those books.

Maybe next post I'll get off my soapbox and talk about the comic, Dusk, that I'll have out for ICBW.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Omnitarium Pin-Up: Moonheart

While I wait for the last four pages of pencils to turn into completed art, here's a pin-up done by the excellent Drew Moss of Omnitarium's villain, Lucius Moonheart.

Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa will be a part of Indy Comic Book Week

Hello, My name is Martheus Wade and I am illustrator/creator of Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa. Glad to be a part of the indy movement.

Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa was created in 1985 by Martheus Antone Wade, a graduate of the University of Memphis. Martheus’ love for martial arts, along with his talent as a graphic artist, was a natural fit for creating the characters and story line.

Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa

The graphic novel is about a young Japanese woman, Shiandrea Toshigawa, born into the Toshigawa ninja clan. She is trapped between her wish to live a normal life and her destiny to be the chosen one of the ninja clan. The story delves into Japanese culture and lore, while also maintaining all of the modernities of a near future world, which is when the story takes place.

Character Biography
Shianndrea (Jetta) is a young Japanese woman born into the Toshigawa ninja clan. In its history, the clan protected Japan from the Knave, an organization bent on bringing evil together to unite the world. At the end of feudalism the Knave was defeated by Yamoto Toshigawa. However, legend foretold that one day a descendant of Yamoto Toshigawa, would be destined to once again defeat the Knave when they rise once again. When the Toshigawa are attacked by the emperor of Japan, Terminus, and the Knave she realizes the prophesy was meant for her.

Divided now between her loyalty towards her clan and her own desires, Jetta discovers that fighting her own destiny may be harder than answering to it.

For more information check out There we have free web stories that tie into the graphic novel series.




Sunday, October 11, 2009

Armageddonquest - Lost Comix Classic Resurfaces for ICBW

Quick Anecdote

Real quick, promise: When I was in high school, my family took a loooong, 16-hour car ride to visit relatives in the far northern upper index finger of Michigan. In order to survive such a claustrophobic experience, I turned to my local comic shop for help, turning its shelves upside down in search of epic reading material, ideally something that I'd never read before. Being a massive geek, there wasn't much I hadn't read. I had to SEARCH.

Lo and behold, I found a 3-Graphic Novel collection called ARMAGEDDONQUEST by one RONALD RUSSELL ROACH. Three 300-page GN's that comprised an entire biblical horror-fantasy-mystery journey in highly enticing black-and-white. I wasn't much of an indy/b&w reader at the time (I was in high school - I wanted capes!), but the subject mater seemed sweet, sweet genre fodder, and the art in AQ was charming as all get out. I had no idea what it was, but I went for it.

Best. Reading. Experience. Of. My. Life.

I could not put it down. I had to break a few times because the writing was DENSE, but I couldn't actually take it out of my hands, even then. Older readers/retailers will recognize the name of SIRIUS PUBLISHING, who released those 3 GN's way back when. Apparently Sirius publisher, Robb Horan, had the same reaction to ARMAGEDDONQUEST that I did. You can read Robb's 1997 reaction HERE (scroll down to the blog area).

Since publication in 1997, however, this comix gem has been long forgotten and lost to the annals of quirktastic publishing history. Until now.

The creator, Ronald Russell Roach, lives way the heck out in Copenhagen, Denmark, and after a dozen years of mentioning AQ every time "Your Favorite Comics" subject was brought up at parties and receiving nothing but blank stares in return, I decided to do something about my AQ-aloneness and I got up the guts to send off an email to Ron through his personal website, which he thankfully still maintained. He answered, and I pitched him the idea of bringing AQ back to modern readers via two methods:
  1. Webcomic
  2. Modern POD services
For the #2 up there, we chose Ka-Blam for the best prices and, frankly, best quality print editions around insofar as POD is concerned. ARMAGEDDONQUEST BOOK ONE: TAZIO was released just a few months back, in August 2009, and we're releasing the whole 20-Book series as 52-page single issues, on a MONTHLY basis, until March 2011.

When ICBW hits, BOOKS 1-5 will all be out, and all of them are ready for ordering right this very minute! These books are 52 pages each and only $3.99 cover price, which beats the heck out of any 52-page mainstream comic price.

Let's Make a Deal

Any Retailer that would like to receive free books as a sampler, simply contact me at davebaxter [at] sonofhowell [dot] com and tell me you're interested. No strings attached, I'll ship off a copy of whatever books are ready as a free sampler for you. Right now that's Books 1-3. I hope to rush 4 and 5 to be print-ready by early November so I can send y'all the whole 5-book shebang.

These books should be available via Ka-Blam's direct-to-retailers COMICSMONKEY.COM, however, if CM isn't up and running in time for ICBW, retailers can order the books through me using the email address above, rather than directly through the site, for the discount rate of $2.99 per issue. Any retailer that orders 30 or more issues, of any assortment, will get free shipping to their store, anywhere in the US.

Order must be placed by Thanksgiving to ensure they arrive by December 30th. Though, hell, feel free to order up until the big 12/30 deadline, I'll ship out the books soon as I can, one way or the other.

I would also be remiss not to mention that these Ka-Blam editions of AQ conatain BRAND NEW illustrated prose stories and comics written by Roach himself. Yup, the main dude is contributing brand new exclusive material to these edition of AQ! I know I'm in love :)

For all the online samples you could ever hope for, check out the webcomic site at

Saturday, October 10, 2009

ICBW Featured on the Web!

Check out these news articles about ICBW. We are picking up some serious momentum here:

Friday, October 9, 2009

ICBW: Retailer Update 03

Alrighty folks, this time I'm just going to list new shops. The list is getting a little big. You can find all the previously listed shops along with contact info and websites on our contributors page.

So, new shops signed on for ICBW in no particular order:
All those shops will be listed on the contributors page within a few days. Just for the record that's a total of 21 shops represented across 6 states! Boo-yah! More updates soon.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Solomon Azua 04: Cover Process

Doing a bit of a micro update here.

Currently I'm finishing up a project I was commissioned to do a few months back, and thus my work on Solomon has to wait until that's completely finished. That said I've been doing (as you might've noticed) a lot of process stuff and prep. In fact this is probably the first project I've done this much prep for and hopefully it'll shave countless hours off the project when I finally get to leap into it on the 15th.

Anyway, here's me working through a couple of cover ideas. The left one is very standard "main character looking hardass" fair. The right is a more classic sci-fi ensemble cover. I like them both quite a bit, but the more I think about it the more I think the right one is better as an "issue two". At that point you've been introduced to all the characters, you know who you're rooting for and why. So most likely the left one will get developed for ICBW.

Anyway, that's my update for now, be back next week with more. Also, start checking on the 16th, as I'll start posting real live finished pages! Woot!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hermit Hill

I'm Nate Bramble, independent Dallas area cartoonist and creator of the comic strip Hermit Hill. I'm excited about being a part of Indy Comic Book Week since this gives me a great opportunity to provide my strip in a new format. Publishing directly to the web reaches a wide audience, but getting my work into comic book form and onto the shelves of retailers will greatly expand the reach of my work. This is why I very enthusiastically endorse the whole ICBW project.

Hermit Hill the comic strip follows the adventures of a lonely hill and it's equally lonely inhabitant, Walter. Walter tries in vein to keep the world at bay, but life continues to intrude. The Hermit Hill Comic Strip Sampler comic book will collect a brand new batch of strips that have never before been put to print. I look forward to being able to offer this exclusive comic to all participating ICBW retailers this December.

I will post more specific details on my book itself as I get it put together. In the meantime please check out my Hermit Hill site and keep supporting self published, independent comics!

ICBW: Retailers

We currently have 9 shops (representing more than 15 physical stores) on board and willing to put independent books on their new comic shelves Wednesday December 30th.

It's up to you to contact the retailers, figure out your shipping situation, and meet the deadline needed to get your books to them on time. For example, Lone Star will put out books in all of it's 7 DFW locations, but they must receive the books at their headquarters by December 20th.

Below are links to the current participating retailers and their contact information.

Plano, TX | 972-943-8135

Dallas, TX | (214) 219-8697

Dallas, TX | (214) 350-4420

Dallas, TX | (214) 827-3060

Arlington, TX | 817-860-7827

Winston Salem, NC | 336-760-9851

Richland Hills TX | 817-581-4376

Chicago, IL | 773-384-8721

Dearborn, MI | 313-582-9444

Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing your books on shelves here around Dallas come the last week of December.

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Deadline to Strive Towards

How do all - I'm 20 art pages closer to completing issue one of my 4 issue mini-series, the period-horror, Omnitarium.

Some sample pages and a little more information can be found here:

Indy Comic Book Week has given an impetus for myself and the others in the creative team to get the book out and ready for the end of December. I have been in talks with a few of the stores local to me, and three of them have already agreed to give the book a go. I will be pushing for them to register with ICBW shortly.

This opening proves an excellent opportunity for all creators to get our books out and seen by others that may not have otherwise had an chance to - and it also gives us all a chance to work together, and to support the Indy Comic world.

More details will follow.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

ICBW Featured on Comic Vine & Shonen Punk

Please check out these wicked sweet articles about ICBW:
And there's more to come soon! I'll continue to post all articles and such related media on the blog as we get closer to the event.

ICBW Salutes 24-Hr Comic Day

Hey everyone! I just wanted to take a quick moment to salute all the stalwart folks doing a 24hr Comic this weekend. In case people haven't heard of 24hr comic day before, it's an event that started as a challenge (sounds familiar eh?) from Scott McCloud to himself and Steve Bissette to complete a 24 page comic book in 24 hrs. The event has now gone international with thousands of creators participating every year.

If you know of a local shop or location that is hosting 24hr comic Day, go stop by and lend some support to the awesome and likely very tired artists working on their books. A ICBW founder Paul Milligan slaves away this very instant at a shop near my house (Lone Star Comics, one of the supporters of ICBW) and will continue for the next 20 hours or so. Brave man indeed.

Again, 24hr comic creators we salute you! Good luck on your books, and hopefully some of them will make it onto the shelves later this year as part of ICBW. Peace out, and don't OD on caffeine, everybody.

Ka-Blam workin' on ICBW

I think everybody here knows Ka-Blam. They're working to get the books printed with them into the stores for the ICBW. I'm very excited to see how that turns out, especially this year.

I've been so far away from traditional distribution I've not been paying a lot of attention to anything it's doing these days. Sometimes my frustration gets away form me when attempting to explain things to people responsible for making them work. Some brick store people go ballistic under the real threat to their markets posed by the internet.

Here's something that can help both sides; the more an author can produce, the more books a bookstore can sell. That's all that really matters. Anything else is nuts and bolts. An author needs WWID systems ("work when I'm Dead" = automatic).

Anyway, when it comes to publishing I could bore for England (some victims out there can vouch for that). I'm going to go figure out how to make ICBW work for A Fine Line Press, and vice versa, even though I'm using the new systems.

It WILL happen.

Friday, October 2, 2009

ICBW: Retailer Update 02

*edit* Whoops! forgot one! Total shops now 18!!!

Hey all, retailer update number 2.

New Stores willing to put Indy books on their shelves the week of Dec 30th:

In addition we still have all the already participating Dallas, Texas stores:

I've linked the websites for each in their body text and all but Green Brain & Lone Star are already listed on our Contributors page at

Remember, distribution of your book is up to you and each store will handle things a little differently. They may do direct wholesale, consignment, in store signing or some other method, but it's up to you to contact the stores about your book. Also keep in mind several of these shops have multiple sites. Keith and Lone Star have 12 shops between them, so make sure you're calling every shop we put up to get maximum coverage.

Have a good one everybody, and I'll have more updates next week!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Matthew Warlick here, illustrator, comic book artist and one-fourth of Team ICBW (along with the ever talented Vinh-Luan Luu, Jake Ekiss and Paul Milligan).

As well as pimping the cause and designing the ICBW website I’m also putting out my own book for Indy Comic Book Week, and it's called Senryū.
Being a huge fan of the Superhero genre I find it’s not what I’m compelled to tell stories about, instead opting for a more personal and intimate approach and subject matter.

Senryū is a 36 page freeform comic. Part poetry, part prose and all sequential, it’s a visual and linguistic trip for the comic book mind.

As of this posting Senryu should be widely available in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex, check out the ICBW Reatailers to find out what stores will have copies come December 30th.

For more info and artwork visit my portfolio at I'll be posting more art from Senryū, as well as updated ICBW website info in the near future.

Promotionals: Videos

Here's Jake talking about ICBW, the goals, and how to participate.

Some promo vids