Monday, September 21, 2009

ICBW: Creators/Retailers

Attention ICBW creators, we need to know which retailers are willing to promote indy books. Any retailer that wants to put indy books on the new comics rack Dec. 30th will be listed on the site as a supporter of Indy Comic Book Week. We'll give the shop location as well as contact information so creators can reach them.

I will be making weekly updated posts on the blog as new retailers join up and we will put their contact info on the site proper as time allows. The first retailer update will be Friday the 25th, so go out there and get me some names.

Retailers may contact me at JakeEkiss [at] with the subject line "Indy Comic Book Week Retailer" to be listed on the site.

Thanks everybody, keep working!


  1. Hell, yes, email all us creators when you have the retailer list up. I don't bother with traditional retailers/distributors/bookstores much any more; I'm building POD systems on the net (Lulu, Createspace, Amazon, Ka-Blam)that will work when I'm dead.* Yes, this is sucking my customers away from the traditional stores, but my wholesale rates are available to EVERYBODY, retailers, dist's and, most importantly, customers (NOT consumers -- my readers are NOT cows).

    *Basically, if the system doesn't work automatically, including order and payment, after I've put up a book, then it doesn't get the books -- although a little computer tweaking will allow it to do so.

    Little by little, Small Press is hauling the 18th-century book publishing system out of its tricorner hats and lace sleeves and making it use the 'net.

  2. Donna, the retailer list IS up. It's on the main site under contributors and is being updated frequently. Also I made my first post with the initial list of retailers last weekend. You can contact any of these retailers and have them put your books on their shelves on the week of Dec 30th(Diamond's no ship week).

    While internet sales are awesome, and I believe everyone here is planning on doing some internet sale (I know I am) this particular event is about putting books on shelves during the Dec 30th no ship week. During that week Diamond isn't shipping, and thus all participating retailers are willing to put indy books on the new rack (not the indy or small press, but the new rack) instead of leaving out last week's issue of Spider-man or whatever.

  3. I tend to go overboard when talking about the Brave (SCARY?) new world because I've been so wrapped up in it for years. I'm going to go bug your retailers. Bwa ha ha.

  4. Actually, everyone on this blog has produced books via digital distribution. So you're preaching to the choir. It's not scary, it's just the normal route for indy press these days. It's also not what this blog is about. This blog is about taking the reigns of traditional distribution during a lapse by Diamond. If we could keep the topic there that'd be excellent. You should have luck with those retailers, they've all been very helpful. Hope to see your books on the shelves!


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