Thursday, September 17, 2009

Solomon Azua 01: Turnarounds

Good day everyone! Since we've got a little over 3 1/2 months until Indy Comic Week I figured I'd start the ball rolling with updates. My name is Jake Ekiss and I'll be contributing a book called Solomon Azua. It's a Pulp sci-fi adventure tale starring the eponymous Solomon, otherwise known as the "luckiest man in the universe".

First post today will be turnarounds for my main character. I'll post stuff for the remaining cast as the week progresses and eventually I'll start uploading layouts and pages for everyone to preview. Thanks for looking, and I can't wait to see what everyone else brings to the table. Let's all make ICBW amazing!


  1. What a great idea! I will do my best to contribute.

  2. Awesome, Joel! Glad to hear you're joining the ranks.


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