Saturday, September 26, 2009

ICBW: Retailer Update 01

Hey everyone, well ICBW is still growing in fits and starts. We've confirmed now with four shops in the Dallas area. In no particular order: Zeus, Titan, Madness , and Keith's are all willing to put indy books on their new rack for the week of Dec. 30th. To contact any of the aforementioned shops you can call using their numbers provided on the contributors page, visiting the websites of any of the shops and emailing, or just dropping by the stores in person.

If you have a shop in your area and would like to participate in Indy Comic Book Week, tell hem about it! Let them know we will link them here if they support putting indy books on the rack Dec 30th.

Also, remember when you contact shops about your books that every shop will be different in how they want to support, and what kind of deal they're willing to work out with you on your books.

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