Monday, October 19, 2009

Turbulence Issue 1 Update

Hello everyone,

My name is Chris Garrett, I'm from Austin TX and I love comic books. I've been working on my comic Turbulence for a little over a year now and I'm really excited to say that issue 1 will be coming on December 30th in honor of Indy Comic Book Week.

Issue 1 comes in at 29 pages, (Issue 2 is getting closer to release as well, and rings in at 32 pages!)

Ok I've ranted enough, time for an awesome picture.

That's just one page of the comic. That's not even the cover. (But some people love it so much I'm thinking of doing a limited release 2nd cover) How sweet is that picture?

So here's the run down of what the comic is about:
Super powers are not granted through freak accidents or genetic defects. They are granted by a force known only as 'Efflux' which finds people (regardless of good and evil) that are dedicated to...well....anything.

Let's say, for example, your a tattoo artist who is obsessed with tattoo's. He might gain the ability to turn his hand into a tattoo gun, and as soon as you could scribble a bomb on a piece of paper, he could tattoo a bomb onto somebody, throw them into a wall and BOOM!

The story follows our hero Turbulence, he has had the powers since he was a kid (but didn't realize it) and has finally decided to join the leagues of super heroes...only issue is everybody seems to be a part of a team that beats him to the punch. (Get it...because you punch bad guys...)

But Gravnos, the leader of a local super team might have an eye for Turbulence joining....there's just one issue- and it involves a lady (doesn't it always?)

So if you want to find out what's going on, and I hope you do, head over to our website that has a much better domain name on the way soon!

Thank you very much and it's an honor to be a part of Indy Comic Book Week!

-Chris Garrett


  1. What stores do you plan on shipping the book out to? Any local shops to add to the list?

  2. Thanks for the compliment Samax!

    I'm looking to get these into all Austin comic shops, as well as all shops listed to work with Indy Comic book week, which I believe have some in your area Matthew!

    And for everybody wanting a copy but it isn't in there shop, You'll be able to order it online!

    And after you get it, if you like it, feel free to show it to your shop and have them contact us!


  3. Chris, when you talk to the Austin shops be sure to have them email us if you would. We'd love to add them to our list.

  4. You got it Jake, I'm going to all of the Austin comic shops (and round rock) on my next day off, after I stop by Kinko's to print out some flyers!



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