Monday, October 5, 2009

A Deadline to Strive Towards

How do all - I'm 20 art pages closer to completing issue one of my 4 issue mini-series, the period-horror, Omnitarium.

Some sample pages and a little more information can be found here:

Indy Comic Book Week has given an impetus for myself and the others in the creative team to get the book out and ready for the end of December. I have been in talks with a few of the stores local to me, and three of them have already agreed to give the book a go. I will be pushing for them to register with ICBW shortly.

This opening proves an excellent opportunity for all creators to get our books out and seen by others that may not have otherwise had an chance to - and it also gives us all a chance to work together, and to support the Indy Comic world.

More details will follow.

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  1. Welcome aboard Benny, the pages on your blog look damn good! props to you for taking the initiative and recruiting your local stores, looking forward to the finished product.


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