Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Press release for One Night Stand and sneak preview


Comic book retailers in North America have a long committed relationship with Diamond Distributors. They're a cute couple. However, since Diamond will not be shipping any new comics during the week of December 30th, David Hopkins is offering a ONE NIGHT STAND. No strings attached.

Written by David Hopkins, ONE NIGHT STAND is a series of one-page vignettes, a collaboration with 32 artists -- including Ryan Dunlavey (Action Philosophers), Christopher Higginson (Ghouly Boys), Sina Grace (Books with Pictures), Mark Murphy (Tiki Joe Mysteries), and Daniel Warner (Cocopiazo). All the stories center around a theme of casual sex and brief intimate encounters.

"The instant I heard about this project I wanted to be a part of it," says Ryan Dunlavey. "David is one of the most outspoken advocates for indie comics -- and a great writer to boot -- so I knew if he was putting it together I'd be foolish not to get involved."

The goal is to distribute free copies of ONE NIGHT STAND to indie-friendly retailers across North America. The stores can then sell those copies to customers looking for something new on December 30th.

"I realize mini-comics are not the easiest books for a retailer to move, but it'd be nice for an independent comic to steal the spotlight for at least one day," says David Hopkins. "I'm not trying to turn a profit. It's my slutty way of saying thank you to retailers who sell independent self-made comics throughout the year."

Preview page by Nate Bramble, creator of the webcomic Hermit Hill

Funding came through Kickstarter, a pledge-drive website used to support ideas and endeavors. After only three days, Hopkins was able to raise $500 for basic shipping and printing needs. The project site also allows people to pre-order the mini-comic.

ONE NIGHT STAND is part of an initiative by IndyComicBookWeek.com. A retailer does not have to join ICBW to receive ONE NIGHT STAND, but obviously their participation is appreciated.

"It would be great if stores encouraged their local talent to put something together for December 30th," Hopkins says. "End of the year, the economy has been crappy; indie comics seem like the most appropriate way to celebrate."



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