Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ICBW: Retailers

We currently have 9 shops (representing more than 15 physical stores) on board and willing to put independent books on their new comic shelves Wednesday December 30th.

It's up to you to contact the retailers, figure out your shipping situation, and meet the deadline needed to get your books to them on time. For example, Lone Star will put out books in all of it's 7 DFW locations, but they must receive the books at their headquarters by December 20th.

Below are links to the current participating retailers and their contact information.

Plano, TX | 972-943-8135

Dallas, TX | (214) 219-8697

Dallas, TX | (214) 350-4420

Dallas, TX | (214) 827-3060

Arlington, TX | 817-860-7827

Winston Salem, NC | 336-760-9851

Richland Hills TX | 817-581-4376

Chicago, IL | 773-384-8721

Dearborn, MI | 313-582-9444

Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing your books on shelves here around Dallas come the last week of December.

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