Friday, October 16, 2009

Yet Another Pin Up

Hi all, as the team Omnitarium work towards our deadlines (we're thinking to have all orders for prints in by middle of November, which should give us the time to get copies to us and out to stores by the December 20th date being mentioned by some), a couple of things to mention:

Firstly an email address for all queries, comments and other communications regarding the book has been set up with gmail, prefixed by omnitarium, it's a email address. Please feel free to write!

Secondly, as I await the final four pages, ready to send for lettering, here's another pin up:

This one is by the immensely talented Nate Snareser, and shows a character that will not be showing up in the book until issue two, the master thief and escape artist, Lucius Allain (also, Moonheart's first name is Harrow, not Lucius, in case you were wondering if we had a fixation on that name here!).

Finally, if any stores are interested in getting previews of the book before ordering, please contact me at the email address as noted in the body of this post (omnitarium [at]


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