Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Abortion Preview

"A success...I'm looking forward to seeing more from these two creators in the future" - Bug, Indy Jones, Ain't It Cool News

The Abortion is a silent, black in white horror one shot in the best traditions of EC comics, Hammer horror and Hitchcockian tension and suspense. It is about a lost and lonely by blow who finds his way home.

Written by Jamie McMorrow and drawn by Garry McLaughlin, The Abortion is the first in a series of twelve horror one shots, each drawn in a different style, from digital inks to watercolours.

Advance reviews have been great, and a launch night on 5th December looks to be a success. The comic will be officially launched to the public during Indy Comic Book Week commencing 30th December 2009.

For ordering information, please contact the creators through the blog:


  1. Oh man, I forgot to put my AICN plug in my blog. Wait maybe I should edit...

    Anyhow, your stuff looks great!

  2. I say go back and edit :) What's it for if not to plug? Cheers man.


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