Monday, November 16, 2009

SleepRunners "Beginnings"

We are proud to announce that team Knighty Knight will be taking part in Indy Comic Book week. Our offering will be SleepRunners issue one. This book is set to launch in March, but will have a limited run during Indy Comic Book week. As a added bonus this book will be packaged with an eight page book titled "Conflictions". This short story was released earlier this year at Megacon in Florida as an introduction of events leading up to issue one. As the week gets closer we will be updating locations and availability so please check back regularly. Don't forget to help support all the other talents that are involved in this special week event as well.

SleepRunners is an action adventure that follows the lives of six seemingly ordinary students who have all been hand selected to participate in a special sleep studies program. Things don’t go as planned and the students are forced to fight for their lives. Can these students come together in order to stop a new world threat unlike anything they have ever seen before? Find out when Issue one “Beginnings” makes its special limited run on December 30th.

If you own a comic store and would like to stock this special limited edition book please contact us at

Written and created by: Shannon Vokes
Art By: Kewber Arruda Alves
Colored by: Clarissa Filice
Details: 52 page / Full color
Cover Price: $5.00
Release: March 2010


  1. Thank you. The cover art was penciled, and colored by the very talented Chris Stehm. More of his work can be viewd here


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