Monday, November 30, 2009

Down to the wire...

Hey folks.

Today I started calling the ICBW shops that have signed up to participate, and I was amazed how many of them haven't spoken to any of us ICBW creators yet. It's getting down to the wire now, so it's time to start making contact and time to start mailing out books (if you're going that route).

Another common feedback I've received from store owners is that they were hoping they'd have some sort of online ordering page where they could browse our books and place an order for how many copies they'd like. Maybe this is something to think about for 2010 (assuming this becomes an annual event).

For store owners that would like to check out SPY GUY (my ICBW comic) you can interactively flip through the whole thing here:

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  1. Maybe we can work with Ka-Blam or Haven next time to host all the books together. Haven has been more than willing to distribute my ICBW book.


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