Thursday, November 12, 2009

ICBW: Ka-Blam Discount

We've been in discussions with Ka-Blam about ICBW since very early in this process. After a lot of back and forth the Ka-Blam guys came up with an excellent way to help all of us get books printed for this event. Ka-Blam is offering ICBW creators a printing discount for books being put out for Indy Comic Book Week. The details/requirements for the code are as follows:
  • 20% off on a minimum order of 50 comics (or 20 trade paperbacks)
  • Order must be placed by Dec 4 with payment by Dec 9
  • We guarantee delivery in time for the event (US orders only)
  • All other standard Ka-Blam terms, policies, and procedures apply
  • Offer expires on Dec 5
Now, I'm fairly sure that the ship deadline for them only gets the books to you by the 30th, so if you need to get books to a store out of your area be sure to factor that in with your print run deadlines.

This is very generous of Ka-Blam and I'd like to take the time to thank them for assisting us in this process. This will help a lot of creators get books printed up to be shipped out, and that's something I think we can all get behind.

If you are an independent creator who isn't signed up on the blog, let me explain how to get the benefits of this discount. First you must sign up as an ICBW blog member; this means you are in the process of releasing an independent book to retailer shelves for Indy Comic Book Week (Dec. 30th) and wish to promote that book here on the site. Then of course we'd want you to actually promote that book somehow here, preferably through previews of the art and story. After all that we will give you a unique code that will allow you to get the Ka-Blam discount on your print run for Indy Comic Book Week.

To sign up on the blog email indycomicbookweek[at] with the subject line "Indy comic Book Week Blog" and we'll set you up. Big thanks again to Ka-Blam for all their support!


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