Friday, November 13, 2009

Omnitarium to print!

All, very quick update and a note of interest to all printing for ICBW.

Omnitarium issue one has gone to print - the digital proof as passed inspection, the pages are in the right order, and my ICBW print run is in place and ready to go.

I actually placed a couple of orders - the first being a big, bulk order for local stores and comps, private sales etc, the other being a smaller order for those non-local stores listed with ICBW that have orders currently placed. The reason being that when I placed my big order, using the ICBW discount code, I was given a shipping date of 12/21 - when not using the discount I got a date of 12/11 - those ten days will prove helpful in my getting the books to stores in time for 12/30. It should also be noted for those of you placing orders and using the code that 12/21 seems to be a default date with that code.

Good luck all!


  1. I also encounteered this problem. The bottom line is that if you're planning on shipping to retailers you can't use the discount code!

  2. Yeah, this shipping issue was just brought to our attention. Sorry everyone.

  3. It is possible to expedite your orders at a cost - not sure if the cost accrued negates the discount, or still sees you receiving something of a discount.

    The code should only be used for orders you intend to deliver to local stores otherwise.

  4. Hey guys, We at Ka-blam did offer but nobody ever posted that we would happily do the drop ship the books for you.
    No where does it say that you cannot use the discount code if you ship to retailers.


  5. Hey Jenni, we emailed everyone on the blog when we offered the code and I've added the info along with every code i pass out. Hopefully people were able to understand it. Thanks to Ka-Blam for the support!


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