Sunday, November 8, 2009

ICBW: Retailer Update 06

More stores joining up. Man, anybody else staggered by this? It's like, a hojillion stores now. Yes, I'm aware "hojillion" isn't a word. In no particular order:
It's time to start contacting your closest retailers and working out deals. Remember: ASK, DO NOT DEMAND. These retailers are being very gracious to help us out for this event. Be kind, be reasonable, and be generous. Also remember these guys are trying to run a business themselves. Don't try to haggle. If they say they can only stock books at a certain price or with a certain arrangement, LISTEN. Now, go out there and be awesome.

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  1. Have we got a complete list of ICBW stores around here somewhere? It seems that this page doesn't have the above ones listed...


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