Saturday, November 14, 2009

ICBW: Anthony Hary w/ BRETHREN @ Source Comics and Games

Here it is, the cover for BRETHREN: Beginnings, the first issue in the much anticipated mini-series from creator Anthony Hary & A.N.A. Comics. While the book is already available through We are happy to have it on the shelves of retailers for Indy Comic Book Week!!

Events Requiring Action…

Anthony Hary here & news is out and you may have heard, but it warrants repeating. The last week of the year, Diamond is not shipping any new books to retailers. This opportunity is being deems the ‘IT’ moment for independent creators and a movement has started called: Indy Comic Book Week. With new comic book Wednesday, being all about Indy books and their creators, it’s going to be fun!!

Source Comics and Games, located in Falcon Heights, MN are planning a sweet event day to fully promote all the great independent creators we have locally. I plan to be at the store all day with copies of BRETHREN: Beginnings. I’ll also be doing sketches for just $5 all day. If you are going to be in the area and want to stop by, please do. It is always fun to talk to other fans of comics. You can also pre-order sketches if you would like. Simply click the button below:

Here is a rare treat, the original pencils from the first 4 pages of my book BRETHREN: Beginnings... Enjoy!

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