Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saluting the ICBW flag

Okay, I've done done it, per instructions; I've contacted all the shops on the ICBW site with the following message. Unlike so many authors who have simply left the shops in the dust, I really really love bookstores and shops. I don't want them to go away. So I'm making a real effort to include ICBW in my messages and networking with my readers. Including putting up the logos at my websites. I want my funny little shops! Don't let them fizzle under the weight of the on-lines (well, I love me some on-lines, they roll in the money left and right, but can't I have BOTH? Please?).

Sadly, I'm beginning to have the sinking feeling, as even big bookstores go under and chain distributors find themselves hard-put to pay their bills (mostly from their own stupidity and arrogance and hopperdness, even sadder - and I wasn't talking about Diamond, which is, after all, just our weeny niche distributor), that this is a losing battle, but when was I one to back out of the fight for something I love? We need a flag. Or JACKETS.

Donna Barr

"Hi, folks!

The classic series The Desert Peach (http://www.desert-peach.com) is on board for Independent Comic Book Week. It is being reprinted in its entirety by Ka-Blam, which is also participating in ICBW.

My readers left for the internet when the distribution systems began to falter -- I make money but the shops don't -- but like so many authors I love the traditional shops and stores. Help me bring my customers back to the stores we all know and love.
www.desert-peach.com (webcomic)

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