Monday, November 9, 2009


Black Snake Studios will be releasing our VERY FIRST EVER RELEASE on DEC 30, in the form of the highly anticipated mini comic “Stolen Blood” hitting the shelves 12-30-09.

Darkness Purges Into The Far Depths Of The Human Soul And Will Forever Leave It’s Imprint. The Origins Of A Super Demon… Half Demon And Half Human, A Combination That Will Prove Deadly To All Who Get In It’s Way.

Part 1 Of The Stolen Blood Mini Series Focus’s On How Everything Came To Be For J, A Young Musician On The Rise. J Is Taken From Super Stardom, To Serial Killer, In A Heart Beat When His Soul Is Possessed By A Powerful Demon. There Is No Turning Back, No Forgiveness And No Mercy.

Stolen Blood Releases On December 30, 2009

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