Sunday, November 8, 2009

Senryu Cover preview

So thanks to the generous folks who've contributed to the Save Senryu Fundraiser it looks I should be able to get the book printed, granted a few more donations come in before the 15th.

Since it's looking good I'm keeping to the same schedule and should be going to print the end of next week.

This weekend has been dedicated to creating the cover and I wanted to share with you guys. This will give you a little peak into the process as well as an idea of what to look for on shelves come December 30th.

Once I settle on a layout I do a rough pencil sketch at about 8x10.


Next up I scan that, print it out at 11x17 on bristol as blue lines and ink it with various brushes, pens, brush-pens, toothbrushes, etc.


Next I scan it in, prep the lineart for colors and do the basic typeesetting. Then I prep to do flats.


Flatting is monotonous but essential.


Once flats are finished I go in and do the final coloring and rendering. This is the really fun part.


Once colors are done It's back to typesetting and design for color choices and final placement, etc. I went with a studio standard 1/3 wrap cover, since all our Space-Gun books share the feature.


And there's the finished piece, now you know what to look for come December 30th.


Thanks for reading, if you'd liek to donate please do, the fundraiser will be ongoing until the 15th when I go to print or overshoot my deadline!


  1. Vinh is so right. All of your Senryu stuff has been top-shelf.

    Is there any way I can get you to go into more depth about how you output the art as bluelines onto bristol? Do you use a laser printer, or go to Kinko's, or what? I didn't realize bristol was thin/pliable enough to run through a home printer.

  2. Ben, any large format printer (11x17 or bigger) will work. I use an Espon 1400.

    The key is having a template to print with and correctly dropping out your blacks to a non-repro blue.

    Some folks even use normal printers on 8x10 bristol and tape the pages together to make "11x17" blue lines.

  3. Kinkos should be able to print on 11x17 for you as well if you want to go that route. Can be pricey because they consider it a full color print. But it is an option.


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