Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Armageddonquest in NYC and MN!

Thank You Mid-Town Comics and The Source!

For INDY COMIC BOOK WEEK, you can purchase ARMAGEDDONQUEST from one of two retail locations:

Midtown Comics in NYCMIDTOWN COMICS in NYC

When I used to live in New York about 2 years ago (before moving to L.A.), Midtown was my absolute favorite. They carry selection, baby. TONS of comics you'll have a hard time finding anywhere else. In two weeks time, you can count ARMAGEDDONQUEST amongst that number. They ordered 40 copies each of Books 1-4. So if you're curious to try out AQ in print, and read the special exclusive back-up materials in each issue, and you're in NYC, then do it! You won't regret. 52 pages each issue for only $3.99 per issue. Which is cheaper than any 52-page mainstream comic - isn't that refreshing? A small press book cheaper than a mainstream book? Yay!!!

Source Comics and Games


And you can also find AQ at THE SOURCE in Falcon Heights, MN. They ordered 8 copies of AQ BOOK ONE to put on their rack - snap 'em up and maybe they'll keep ordering more! I'm super-happy to see AQ slowly trickle out to the retail outlets. I plan to get it out in L.A. once we have BOOKS FIVE AND SIX put together. Having it out in Minnesota is, frankly, awesome. I want more non-major cities to start taking note. Kudos to THE SOURCE for being so progressive as to support the ICBW event!!!

For those who have forgotten about poor ol' ARMAGEDDONQUEST already, here's what you'll get if you check the books out! (they're always available at IndyPlanet and ComicsMonkey):


The story of Tazio, the reluctant Anti-Christ, as he travels from birth to the very moment of ARMAGEDDON. An epic modern-fantasy-horror adventure over 850+ pages and TWENTY Books all told! Created, writen, and illustrated by Ronald Russel Roach (3R), this is one of the greatest of the lost and forgotten underground comix classics, now remastered and re-presented for modern audiences. ARMAGEDDONQUEST will be released in its entirety on a monthly schedule from August 2009-March 2011.


BOOK ONE introduces readers to TAZIO, the small child who is destined to be the Anti-Christ! Tazio lives blissfully unaware of his demonaic destiny, sheltered within the walls of an ancient Italian villa. There he's raised by the strangest guardian a boy could imagine: THE ULFAE, a being who shifts genders and ferocity with the phases of the moon! Add to this a religious zealot of a biological mother, a dwarf-sized best friend, a suspicious town Priest and a past shrouded in mystery, this is one childhood you have to see to believe! And this is just the beginning as mysteries abound - where did Tazio come from? Why is he in this villa? Is he really the Anti-Christ? Who are THE ULFAE? ARMAGEDDONQUEST begins with 52 PAGES of non-stop comix storytelling glory!


BOOK TWO begins with our lovely Anti-Christ's indoctrination into the real world - school, shopping in the local town market, confronting the clergy, making friends...but all the while, secrets of his past begin to rear their ugly collective heads. Who is THERON? Who is ANTON ARCANE? Also: Tazio's mother, MARIANGELA, decides it's time to kill her prophesied-to-be demonaic (but awfully loveable right now) son once and for all! Pathos, bathos, and incredibly intricate storytelling make up this second of twenty books! PLUS: Bonus FATHER GIORGIO Illustrated Prose story in the back! Exclusive to this Ka-Blam edition of AQ BOOK TWO!


BOOK THREE brings the Anti-Christ to his first major crossroads: he's forbidden to leave the villa, due to the mysterious threat of "Anton Arcane" and his "Hellmen", and yet...fame and fortune beckon! When Tazio becomes the toast of the town and the local star soccer player, he has to choose between feeding his own ego and obeying his nearly all-wise guardian, The Ulfae...and let's just say this chapter ain't called "EGO" for nothing! PLUS: Bonus INSPECTOR GARRAZZI Illustrated prose story in the back! Exclusive to this edition of AQ BOOK THREE!


BOOK FOUR is the big one folks - in BOOK THREE Tazio disobeyed the rules laid down by his supernatural guardian, The Ulfae, and as a result tragedy struck. Now, shamed from his actions, our young Anti-Christ returns to his home under the same full moon that transforms The Ulfae into such a demonaic being that he/she must be locked up in the dungeons below to keep from harming her/his wards. NO ONE can see The Ulfae during this time. Unfortunately, Tazio needs to talk with The Ulfae. Get ready for the most intense issue of ARMAGEDDONQUEST yet.

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