Sunday, December 6, 2009

Burn a hole in your wallet & pick up LAVA-ROID

LAVA-ROID was created by Kevin Conn, creator of "Unemployed Skeletor", it was co-written by the creator of "Jesus Hates Zombies" Stephen Lindsay and illustrated by Leanne Hannah, who has worked on "The Perhapanauts". In this fiery first issue, learn more about the vigilante Lava-Roid as he searches for clues that lead him to learning who killed his older twin brother, but first he has to face the evil super group The Villainous Destructors!!!! It's "The Tick meets "South Park"! In this 24 glossy page comic you get a full length story, sketches, movie posters, pin ups, a nice card stock cover and more!

Lava-Roid is available here. Plus at these shops:
Midtown Comics
200 W 40th St, #2, New York, NY
459 Lexington Ave, #2, New York,NY

Jim Handley's Universe
4 West 33rd St., New York, NY
325 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, NY

G4's Blair Butler loves the book, calling it "well written..very funny, very crass and worth picking up!" and say the artist does "an awesome job...solid visuals"
1:32 in her review.

Aint It Cool News says: "Lighthearted & humor with enough bite to keep things interesting"

Newsarama says: "It’s a fun, funny book and right now superhero comics outside of the big two are getting so good (see things like The Life and Times of Savior 28 and Irredeemable) that they’re no longer guaranteed to be’s got more polish than a lot of small press books, making it feel like it could compete in a comic shop market.

Just Jen says: "Lava-roid is hilarious. it's mock hero-epic poetry. Like freaking Chaucer..." and Geek Syndicate says: " left me hungry for more..."

Plus a web series is in the works as well....yes that's me in spandex. ;)

The comic is $3.00 at comic book shops, and $5.50 at Indy Planet. RETAILERS! To place an order check out Comic Monkey!

Good luck to all participating and thank you ICBW & Ka-Blam for teaming up for this great opportunity!

-Kevin Conn

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