Monday, December 14, 2009

The Bogre #2 available for Indy Comic Book Week!!!!

"In a world of darkness, light is the only illusion."

Crime lord Nathaniel Sardis finds his criminal empire terrorized by a mysterious, bloodthirsty, and sadistic creature known only as the Bogre. As the Bogre's obsession with him begins to grow, secrets of his past are discovered which force Sardis to face his matte the cost.

With the arrival of The Bogre issue 2 also comes a special deal for Indy Comic Book Week. For previews and character info, go to If you'd like to order copies for Indy Comic Book Week, contact Tony Shenton at You'll receive copies at the Indy Week sale price of just $1 an issue and free shipping and handling! Also, however many copies of issue 2 you order you will also recieve the same amount of issue 1 for free!!! I will make sure that they arrive before the Dec. 30 deadline. If you have any questions, contact Tony Shenton or just send me an email at

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