Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Indy Comic Book Week presents Bamn!

(Note: The Bamn signing @ Third Eye Comics has been cancelled. We apologize for any ritualistic suicide this may cause. You can still purchase Bamn @, Alliance Comics, and Third Eye Comics this week! Read below for more info.)

Indy Comic Book Week officially starts, today, December 30th, 2009! I.C.B.W. is a week-long event taking place in comic shops around the U.S. in an effort to take advantage of the lapse in Diamond Comics’ shipping schedule. The amazing people at Third Eye Comics (Annapolis, MD) and Alliance Comics and Games (Silver Spring and Baltimore, MD) have embraced this nation-wide affair and will be carrying Bamn #1 and Bamn #2 at their respective locations. If you're in the state of Maryland then stop on by and show your support for Indy Comic Book Week by purchasing a copy!

More detailed Stuff:

BAMN #1 & BAMN #2

Penciled by JAY PAYNE


Nerds vs. Jocks, Bullies vs. Misfits, the Weak vs. the Strong...Everyone loves a good underdog story, SO LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! BAMN gets its title from the embittered main character. A surly and washed-up former pro wrestler, Bamn has spent the dying years of his career throwing up in bars. He lives out of his car and uses stolen credit cards to pay for beer. A chance encounter with a pair of local high schoolers, Art and Ian, brings him to the FWF, A backyard wrestling federation ran by the two young fans. When the school’s wrestling squad shows up to bully the kids, Bamn steps in. In a rare moment of clarity he promises all the teenagers that he’s going to teach them the most important thing they will ever learn…HOW TO FIGHT BACK AND LOOK GOOD DOING IT!

24PGS.(each)/Black & White/Parental Advisory …$3.50 (each)

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