Monday, December 28, 2009

Omnitarium Subscription Competition!

With the year coming to an end, issue two coming towards completion, and in celebration of Indy Comic Book Week, I've decided to offer a complete run of Omnitarium up as a prize. That's right, all issues, 1-4 will be sent to the lucky winner as and when they are printed.

In order to be entered for a chance to win the prize all you have to do is either:

Post the following message on your Twitter page (copy and paste minus quotes - or just retweet):

"For a chance to win a full run of @jamiegambell's Omnitarium - - see here - #omsubcomp"

Or, if you aren't a Tweeter, then you can post this message on your blog and then post a link to that posting in the comments section.

Also, as a bonus, if you already have issue #1 of the book, then if you post a picture of you with the book and you win the draw, you can nominate a friend to receive the full run of the book also - that is, they will get issues 1-4, you will get 2-4.

Good luck!

Competition closes on Saturday, 3rd at Midnight, winner will be announced on Sunday, 4th January, 2010

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