Monday, December 28, 2009

Indy comics available at the Source Comics and Games

NEW ON WEDNESDAY at Source Comics & Games!
12-30-2009 AT 10AM

Abe the Aborted Fetus
Adventures in Paying Rent V1
Adventures of Alex Ze Pirate
Adventures of Nikki Harris
Alice in Wonderland
Allusions & Imperfect
And Then One Day - AB
And Then One Day - Vol 1
And Then One Day - Vol 2
And Then One Day - Sketchbook
Angora Napkin
Armageddonquest Book
Arthur the Legend Continues
Astronaut Dad
Asylum of Horrors #1& #2
Ballad of the Intrepideers Vol
Beyond the Wall
Blackest Night #6
Brain Food
BRETHREN: Beginnings
Burnt Out Comix
BuzzPop #1 , #2 & #3
Catharsis DEFGI
Deadly Are the Naked
Case Files TPB
Cool Kids
Cool Kids TPB
Dames, Dollars and Daniels
Dead Man Holiday #
Death's Whisper Decimare
Distance Between
Dog Days of Sumo
Doofus 2 Death #1 & #2
Drake Bacula
Dusk One Shot Special
Dusk Trade
Dynamite Pilot
Echoes of Dawn #1
El Largo Tren Oscuro
Ex Occultus BOL
Fate's Cruel Trick
Ghoulash 2
Giant Size Tragic Relief
Gimoles:Secret of the Seasons
God of Rock
Gordy's Groovy Brain Hut #3
Great Big Pissed Off Bear #2
Green Monk
Greyduck Groundhog's Day
Harry #1
How Dear to Me is Sleep
The House that Hack Built
If You Can Read This You're Dead
Indestructible U Quarterly
The Iron Sea: Shipwrecked!
Jazz: Cool
Jim Keefe: Sketches &
Johnny Recon #1
Journey to Genos Chapter One
King of Pain #2
Kirby's Treehouse #2, #3 & #4
Life With Friends #1
L'il Buddha Loves You com
Ling Master #1 & #2
Lions, Tigers and Bears Vol 1
Lord Harold Lordamus
Love & Capes Vol 1 TPB
Love & Capes #11- #12
Manly Tales of Cowardice
Marvel 2010 Calendar - FREE!
Marvel Seige Promo - FREE!
Mimi's Doughnut Zine
Monster Mash
Mr. Negativity TPB
Muscles & Frights TPB
Muscles & Fights III TPB
My Holy Three
Paradise Road #1
People, Planes & Things
Pop Culture's Kids #1, #2 & #3
The Possum #1 & #2
Psyop Wars
R13 #1 & #2
Ramses Diary Comic Journal
Red Zone
The Lost Children
Retail Sunshine
Rival Angels TPB
Sa-Bom Jim #7, #8 & #10
Sandez Rey VS Reality
Scwonkey Dog
Seeds Anthology Various
Shelter Anthology
Starship Down #2
Steampunk Mice on the Moon Stormy Nights Super Maxi Pad Girl Super Babes Exquisite Corpse Supernatural Law #45 Tales of Supernatural Law Tales of Tralodren TPB Tastes Like Good Powerlines The Bomb The Cardinal The Good Catholic The Intrepideers & the BOB The Mighty Invincible Bear The Oswald Chronicles #1-#3 The Sodyssey Tommy Chicago #3 Turbulence Undead Evil Unstoppable Force Uptown Girl Meets the Mummy Valkkadia Vampire Brat TPB
Vampires: Dracula UD Legions
Vent #1
Visible Rooster Jack
Walkabout #1
Weird Illustrated #1
What Planet is This? #1
Wolves of Odin
World Wide News
Zed Reckoning #1, #2 & #3
Zine Supreme
Zoo Force

Adventures in Paying Rent
Arsenic Lullaby TPB's
Banana Republic
Everyday Gods
Transylvania Television DVD

And Much More!

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