Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Oswald Chronicles Has joined Indy Comic Book Week.

“Fallen Gods” is a 3-part limited series where Oswald, mysterious scribe, gentlemouse, is drawn into an ancient conflict between a sorcerer, gods of an elder time and heaven. Traveling from the world of man into the Twilight Lands where the fae rule, Oswald is set to the task of returning what cannot be stolen yet has been, the sun.

Issue #1 48 pages, full color, digest size, 4.95ea

In this first installment of Fallen Gods we meet Kalvaitis a mighty god charged with casting a new sun in the sky day after day and Malkit the sorcerer who would steal this precious gift from him. Oswald is drawn into the conflict and has to face an angry army of fae, while two worlds sit in darkness.

Issue #2 32 pages, full color, digest size, 4.95ea

After confronting Malkit, Oswald and his friends barely survive a confrontation with the mad sorcerer. Fleeing into the mountain kingdom of the Gnomes of Kalvaitis Oswald is confronted be fear and anger as the elders of the Gnomes insist he’s not needed nor wanted. While Oswald seeks answers, two of his close friends go to confront Malkit on their own.

Issue #3 48 pages, full color, digest size, 4.95ea

In the final installment, Oswald has a meeting with the grieving Kalvaitis who tells him his tale, while Diane duels with Malkit over control of the fae army he has amassed. Confronting Malkit finally, Oswald gets the rogue sorcerer to reveal to him why he has done the things that he has and does his best to bring light back to the world, but when confronted by a power that can steal from ancient gods, can even Oswald’s might be enough to bring order back to the universe.

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The Oswald Chronicles will be available at the fine retailers below:

Midtown Comics Times Square
200 W 40th Street (Corner of 7th Avenue)
New York, NY 10018

Midtown Comics Grand Central
459 Lexington Avenue (Corner of 45th Street)
New York, NY 10017

SpazDog Comics
21610 N. 35th Aveunue Suite 162
Phoenix, AZ 85308

Phantom of the Attic
411 South Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Source Comics & Games
1601 West Larpenteur Ave
Falcon Heights, MN. 55113

Jim Hanley's Universe
4 West 33rd street
New York, NY

Cosmic Comics
36 East 23rd street FL2
New York, NY 10010

Hub Comics
19 Bow Street
Union Square
Somerville, MA 02143

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