Thursday, December 24, 2009

Man Fighting Street

This is my book, Man Fighting Street. Thanks for reading and thanks to Indie Comic Week. You'll find issue 1 and 2 available.

The story takes place in the city of Sunny Hills, a city devoid of both sun and hills. It's a city wrought with crime, corruption, gang warfare, an economic recession, and litter. Money is tight and everyone is doing what they need to, to survive.

This is the story of Drystan Striker and his girlfriend, Liza Lambert; two down and out bad asses. The two wake up one morning to find that the rent is passed due and bills are piling up. Worst of all, there is no food in the entire apartment. Drystan must leave on a quest for his local grocery store and brave the dangers of BLOODY HILLS: corrupt police, yakuza school girls, metro sexual fashion elitists, disgruntled garbage men, and angry landlords. Each group is out for respect and money.

This is the story of MFS. A city where all its inhabitants, no matter how frail, are always up for a good fight!

You can find it at a few great shops in SoCal:

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