Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sink Your Teeth Into IN FLESH AND SPIRIT During Indy Comic Week!

Chronicling the ongoing saga of Baron Misuraca, vampire (b.1267 d.1305 b.2008) and his array of femme fatales, Overtone Comics proudly unleashes the undead Odyssey that is In Flesh and Spirit featuring artwork by Vampirella artist Alex Horley.

IN FLESH AND SPIRIT returns the spirit of seventies greats such as Gonzalez and Ploog, and offers something not easily found today; integrity in art and story. I cannot recommend it more highly.
Kevin Noel Olson – COMICS! Haven Distributors Catalog

All in all, “In Flesh and Spirit” is excellent at being a classical horror comic with everything a comic like this needs: Monologues, extensive narrative, black and white art and lots of half naked women.
Dominik B. – The Independent Comic Site

Gothic sensibility, Vampires, the undead, and rock and roll...what more can you ask for!
Bone Digger – Horror News

This book has GREAT promise so far, and I can’t wait to see where this title goes!
Keith Huening – Horror Comics Review

I heartily recommend In Flesh and Spirit to any horror fan whose taste runs to red...
Wm. Eric "The NeuroZombie" Downton –ShriekFreak Quarterly

Written and published for fans of horror cinema and dark music, In Flesh and Spirit weds the NYC goth-metal scene to classic Hammer horror flicks and 70’s publications like Vampirella.
Dave Wolff – Good Times Magazine

The debut issue of In Flesh and Spirit is available now for inhuman consumption at these fine stores:

Jim Hanley’s Universe: 4 West 33rd Street, Manhattan 10001 Ph: (212) 268-7088

Cosmic Comics: 10 East 23rd Street - 2nd Floor, Manhattan 10010 Ph: (212) 460-5322

Forbidden Planet: 840 Broadway, Manhattan 10003 Ph: (212) 473-1576

St. Mark’s Comics: 11 St. Marks Place, Manhattan 10003 Ph: (212) 598-9439

Vampire Freaks Store: 189 Avenue A, Manhattan 10009 Ph: (212) 505-VAMP

Brooklyn Monster Factory: 493 7th Avenue, Brooklyn 11215 Ph: (718) 840-5840

Stinky's Collectibles: 3838 Sunrise Highway, Seaford 11783 Ph: (516) 409-0785


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