Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bamn Preview Pages

“Kick Out. Kick Ass.”

In the tradition of Bad News Bears, Karate Kid, and The Mighty Ducks comes Bamn!

The title character Bamn is a former World War Wrestling superstar who was unceremoniously booted out of the federation. The story picks up a few years later after his fall from grace. Disenfranchised, drunk, and living in his car, he stumbles across Art and Ian, a pair of wide-eyed twelfth graders who seem to be the only fans he has left in the world. Art and Ian invite our reluctant hero to their clumsy little backyard wrestling fed. There he meets a group of teenage misfits whose deficiencies in wrestling technique are just as noticeable as their passion for pro wrestling. While there, he soon discovers that the local high school wrestling team has been bullying them for years. Just in time for their final months before graduation, Bamn takes it upon himself to mentor the motley crew of wannabees on the finer points of pro-wrestling and self-defense. In the process, the kinship that develops between Bamn and the kids reminds Bamn what it really takes to be a champion.

Just in time for ICBW, Bamn #2 will be making its’ comic shop debut at the following stores in the state of Maryland on December 30th 2009:

For more visit: and

Please contact Troy Jeffrey Allen at for retailer information and details.

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