Friday, December 11, 2009

Birdcage Bottom Books vs. Indy Comic Book Week

Birdcage Bottom Books joins Indy Comic Book Week not so much in an epic battle as the word "versus" in this post's title might suggest as an over-enthusiastic hug. Indie comics are what we are all about! J.T. Yost's Xeric award winning "Old Man Winter & Other Sordid Tales" compilation of short comics has been gathering steam with tons of great reviews from comic artists and reviewers alike. Jeffrey Brown ("Clumsy", "Unlikely", "Funny Misshapen Body", etc.) says, "J.T. Yost's stark line work and shades of grey illustrate a world that doesn't shy away from harsh realities at the same time as it reveals social conscience and a soft heart."
Xavier Xerexes of Comic Talk writes,
Yost captures small slices of death, loss, love, family, neighborhood, routine and habit without much of a false note. Heavy subjects are easy to mangle in less-capable, less mature artist's hands, but Yost makes some interesting choices to reveal something about basic humanity.

Also available are "Tales Of Good Ol' Snoop Doggy Dogg" and "Losers We
epers #1". The first title is a collection of comics with the common theme of master rapper Snoop Dogg. The later is the first chapter of an ongoing series that weaves a compelling narrative around random notes, letters and journals Yost has found on the sidewalks of various cities.

Finally, we offer the "SuperTalk" anthology, a collection from New York City comic artists with disparate drawing styles and subjects.

You can see sample pages, artist info, etc. at our website:

Retail orders may be placed through our distributor, Tony Shenton, by emailing

As a special incentive to order for Indy Comic Book Week on December 30, Birdcage Bottom Books will include a limited edition hand-pulled and signed silk-screen "Matzoh Party" print with each order of $20 or more (wholesale cost).

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  1. JT's books are great and I know the
    "Supertalk" Compilation is chock full of talent from the NYC comix scene. Old masters and Newbies included.


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