Monday, December 28, 2009

ICBW Gives Props to The East

The ICBW Team would like to give a shoutout to our comrades in comics over at Comiket in Tokyo, Japan tomorrow. Comiket is the largest dōjinshi convention in the world with over 500,000 attendees and a phone book of exhibitors. Dōjinshis are Japanese self-published works that usually refer to comics and novels. This year's even at Tokyo Big Sight is being held December 29-31. It's going to be a huge indy movement on both side of the Pacific. The ICBW Team believes that comics are universal no matter the language and region. So let's show them some love on their Twitter @comiket and #comiket!

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  1. That's pretty awesome. Right now I am working on an indy project called Fuzzyface. Unfortunately it will not debut until May 2010. But I am with you in spirit.


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