Thursday, December 24, 2009

Silent Night, (It's not all) Blackest Night...

Hi All,

Quick note for some information on Omnitarium.

Due to a problem with shipping, I will not have the book until December 30th, which has put a delay on my shipping it to stores.

As it stands all stores are still honouring their orders, which is great, but it does mean that the book will probably not be in some places for Indy Comic Book Week's 30th date.

The stores that will hold it are as follows:

Midtown, NY
Titan, TX
Heroplex, TX
Brainstorm, IL
Zaldiva, FL
Spazdog, AZ
Source Comics, MN
Zeus Comics, TX
Pulp Nouveau, NY

Also, not confirmed, but probable -

Comics Smash
Universal Comics
Earth 2
House of Secrets
(All CA)

I'd like to thank all the stores for understanding and helping with the delay, and for showing support to the book beyond the ICBW drive.

Best of luck to all involved in this - it's been amazing to be part of, and I hope and wish us all success in this endevour - it's not all about "Blackest Sieges"!

Jamie Gambell

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