Saturday, December 12, 2009

G.P. Bonesteel's Killer Ink Comics

Hey all, G.p. Bonesteel here to say that I am throwing my worn out cap into the proverbial comics market. I currently have four mini-comic titles out there on the shelf.

Coming in at 32 pgs there's Ice Cream which is a short story about three kids who gets passed by by and Ice Cream truck and how they manage to get it to stop.

In the right corner coming it at 52 pgs there's Aliens: First Encounters which is the first part, in a four part series. The story revolves around an a space ship that lands out in the mid west and the trouble that is brings.

Then there's the 20 pg hero, The Surviving Life of Hanze Eneffer. It's the story of a lonely office worker looking for a relationship and the reality the he finds.

And the returning champ coming in at 32 pgs, Abortion Andy. This comic has two stories in it, the first being about Andy, a percocious little fetus out to spread the word of abstinence to the youths that he meets. Then there is the story of Cupid and his efforts to make a man fall in love on Feb. 14th.

If you are interested in these fine comics they can be found at the following locations: Jim Hanley's Universe, Forbidden Planet, Bergen Street Comics, Cosmic Monkey, Adda Books and Tate's Comics. If you are interested in these mini comics and your local indie friendly comics shop doesn't carry them then please request them so that hopefully next year around this time you will be able to pick them up.

Thank you.

G.P. Bonesteel

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